Cervia salt work ex ante monitoring

Monitoring Icthyofauna Photo credit Matteo Merighi - Mattia Lanzoni

It will be realized an ex-ante monitoring on the following ecosystem components: flora, vegetation and habitats, birds, ichtyofauna.

Monitoring the ecosystem components will be through direct sampling and field surveys to verify the presence and conservation status of habitats and target species.

Monitoring will provide a framework of reference for the state of conservation of the habitats and will also be relevant to the objectives of the Habitats Directive. The report will contain the methodology used and variation for single species.

A GIS (Geographic Information System) will be designed and realized and the data of the ex-ante ecosystem components monitoring will be inserted, so to update the current available data, which has been created via remote sensing and using previous studies, enable us later to evaluate the success of operations undertaken.

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