Camargue, modelling and executive projects for: hydraulic restoration, habitats restoration, construction and fencing of breeding islets

Data survey with a differential GPS

A hydro-saline model will be completed using existing modelling works already developed for Etang du Vaccarès, preliminary modelling works to be launched for Anciens Salins de Beauduc in late 2010 (as part of a preliminary action not included in the submitted LIFE project) and additional data to be collected on-site. This model will be used to test several hydrological scenarios predicting water level variations, water circulation and salinity variations.

A cross-analysis of hydrological scenarios with historical and present ecological data will provide prospective of ecosystems restoration and management for Anciens Salins de Beauduc. This predictive work will be shared for discussions with stakeholders.

Executive projects will be drawn up for the hydraulic and habitat restoration works. It will be based on the recommendations resulting from the model.

Water and Environmental Impacts Assessment will be conducted for hydraulic and topographic works described.

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