Executive projects for hydraulic restoration, burying of electric cables, for restoration of nesting islets and installation of bird hides in Aigues-Mortes saltmarsh

The activities of this action include the analysis of the state of the hydraulic works presenting dysfunctions on the Aigues-Mortes salt marsh undertaken by the CSME production service, the executive projects to bury electric cables and terms of the implementation specified by integrating environmental recommendations carried out by CSME and an outside company, the executive projects, location and definition of the actions of nesting islets, restoration by external naturalist consultants and CSME.

Analysis of the bearing capacity of the pond beds for the restoration of the nesting islets carried out by CSME. Location and definition of the terms of the implementation of the actions to limit the disturbance by the Herring Gull; programming and definition of the terms of implementation of nesting islets restoration actions and actions to limit the disturbance by the Larus michahellis carried out by external naturalists; conception and location of bird hides on the salt marshes carried out by an external company and CSME with the support of natural experts. Graphic Creation and location of the explanation panels on the salt marshes by an external company  and CSME.

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