Restoration of hydraulic circulation and new breeding islets in Cervia salt work and consolidation of Torre Rossa in Comacchio salt work

Breeding islets under construction

All water circulation within the various basins in the salt pan is completely artificial and controlled by draining pumps and sluice gates. Any failure in circulation would lead to profound changes in the habitat 1150* and, as a result, for the species that populate the Salina.

Restoration work on Cervia salt will involve the removal of muddy material from the internal channels silted up by the clay eroded from the banks; the dredged material will be used to reconstitute the banks. The dredging of the narrow channels and the removal of the mud will take during late summer and autumn in order not to interfere with critical phases of birds’ nesting activities. Moreover the maintenance will concern draining pumps, the iron and steel dam-gates for the separation of waters, a reconstruction of a bridge and cement basements, which are important water management infrastructure.

New islets for nesting will be built, for a total surface of about 0,2 ha. For mitigation of disturbance from Larus michahellis over the islets will be build a grid of cable, which size is suitable for other Charadriformes but not for L. michahellis which has a wider wing span.

Furthermore the islet will be protected from tourists disturbance with wood-and-reed panels. Young specimens of the targeted species are particularly sensible to impact with aerial electrical cable, for this reason will be buried 500 meters of electrical line.

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