Restoration of hydraulic circulation in the Molentargius - Saline Natural Regional Park. Creation of two islets for nesting and staging for birds

The restoration works of the hydraulic circulation in the Bellarosa Maggiore (ex first evaporation basin of the Molentargius - Saline saltworks) concerning the creation of the inner embankment, to the separation river basin, placed between the feeding seawater affluent channel and the same river basin. The new inner banks are necessary to the water bounding in different basins, to guarantee a differentiation of a salt degree.

The right hydraulic circulation is also assured from the creation of new mechanized remote controlled floodgates in wood, placed between basins.  It’s also expected the creation of two islets for nesting and staging for birds, everyone land made; they will increase the species breeding and its protection during periods of increased vulnerability in areas not reached by predators.

The increase of the availability of physical habitat for the nesting avifauna, through the completely realization of two islets and the restoration of the banks, could encourage the nesting increase of 12 species at least, with a 70% approximately rise (2000 couples at least) compared with the current nesting population. Three species amongst 12 of them listed, could seems considered as “new nesting because they haven’t arrived to the reproductive success”, although their large attempts of settling related to the last years.

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