Improvement of nesting conditions and removal of invasive plant species at Pomorie Lake

Pomorie, nesting boxes for shelducks

Main threats for the avifauna of Pomorie Lake are direct destruction and degradation of nesting habitat and human disturbance. First is caused by erosion of salt works embankments and dikes. The second is a complex factor caused by waste disposal, light and noise pollution and disturbance related to construction of new resorts around the lagoon.

The action will include creation of nesting sites in accordance to species preferences and ecological needs. Target species belong to two families: Anatidae and Charadriiformes, and will be implemented according to the executive projects of action A.7. The works will involve participation of volunteers and Green Balkans staff.

Invasive plant species have been identified as a major threat for native plant communities and fauna species in the EU.  In recent years invasion of alien species is observed at Pomorie Lake. Their development affects native plant species that are typical for the communities. Clearing of invasive plant will be made following the developed strategy so not to affect the plant species that are subject to conservation and are typical for the habitats. The removal will be made mechanically or in very rare case by local and controlled application of herbicides with follow up mechanical removal. Period for removal will be selected on basis of preliminary study and recommendations of strategy. Sites where the invasive species will be removed will be defined after their ex-ante monitoring and mapping with GPS.


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