Restoration of hydraulic circulation, burying of electrical cables, restoration of nesting islets and reduction of disturbance from Herring Gulls in Aigues-Mortes saltmarsh

Nesting site

This action follows on from the implementation of action A8 and is situated on the overall Aigues-Mortes saltworks situated over two departments: Gard and Bouches-du-Rhône.

The action will restore the hydraulic systems and the pumping plants, the current state of which is not satisfactory, to insure the management of the hydraulic salt-works in order to preserve and to restore the coastal salt lagoons (1150 *).

The hydraulic management, which corresponds to the stake in water of the salt marsh in spring and in preservation of the levels of water during summer, is favourable to the reproduction and to the food supply of the birds.

The burying of bury the electric cables will be performed. All the electric lines on the salt-works are above ground and are 50 km long. On a part of the electric lines, 3.5 km, the CSME staff regularly sees regularly dead Pink Flamingos (Phoenicopterus roseus). These collisions result in material damage and a high mortality rate of birds.

This action aims at protecting the reproductive birds of patrimonial interest. The pre-emption of the nesting sites of gulls, terns and avocets by the Herring Gulls is no doubt the most important problem caused by this species in the littoral wetlands. The objective is to free some of these sites occupied today by the Herring Gulls for the nesting of other species.

The works consist of restoring a set of typological criteria to satisfy the reproduction, as shape, surface and location of islets, the presence of a flat slope which decreases erosion and offers a variability of micro-habitats favourable to the formation of multi-specific colonies.

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