Ex-ante monitoring of invasive plant species and nesting Waterbirds, executive projects for improvement of nesting conditions and for the removal of invasive plant species in Pomorie Lake.

The project team will carry out ex-ante monitoring of invasive plant species and nesting water birds.  The monitoring will aim to assess the specific needs of nesting birds (Charadriiformes and Anatidae) at Pomorie Lake and assessment of their needs for improvement of nesting conditions. These are target species for conservation of SPA “Pomorie Lake” BG0000152. An automatic meteorological station has been purchased and installed in the Pomorie Lake visitor centre, in order to get information about the hydrology of the lake monitoring of meteorology. The data are visible at website http://www.vremeto.org/pomorie/station/index.php?lang=en

Assessment of the invasive species and their distribution is needed so to optimize their eradication.

For the invasive species it will be all year round and for the nesting birds during the breeding season: April-July. The assessment will be made in first project year and its results will be used also for the executive projects.

Based on existing experience found and specific conditions at Pomorie Lake the project team will develop Terms of Reference and Guidelines.

On that basis and in compliance with specific conditions of invasive species development and influence on the target habitats at Pomorie Lake a Strategy will be developed for eradication of invasive species in a way not affecting the conservation status of the target habitats


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