Flamingoes live at Pomorie Lake for second month

Article date: 01-01-2015 / 31-03-2015

Flamingoes at Pomorie Saltworks

During regular monitoring of avifauna at Pomorie Lake carried out by Green Balkans team 4 individuals of the rare species Greater Flamingo (Phoenicopterus roseus) have been observed for second consecutive month. The birds are occupying the basins of Pomorie saltworks among a flock of hundreds Shelducks, Swans and Pochards. We remind you that in the winter of 2010 first observation of that species was recorded at the wetland of international importance but back then only one juvenile individual was observed. Current group consists of 2 juveniles and 2 adults.

Greater Flamingo is distributed in the Mediterranean region and Africa but in recent years single birds are observed regularly at Atanasovsko and Pomorie Lake – the two saline lagoons along Bulgarian Black Sea coast. The species was threatened and with decreasing population but after series of conservation measures in France and Italy including creation of artificial nesting islets the population trend in recent years is going up and numbers are stable.

The monitoring is implemented within international project LIFE10/NAT/IT/256 "Environmental management and conservation in Mediterranean saltworks and coastal lagoons". It is interesting that at the sites in France and Italy where project activities are implemented among target species is exactly the Greater Flamingo plus Avocet, Sandwich, Common and Little terns, Shelducks, Slender-billed gulls and other water birds.

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