MC SALT notice boards

at Pomorie Lake in Bulgaria

Article date: 10-05-2013 / 10-05-2013

Two notice boards have been installed in the vicinity of Pomorie Lake. First notice board is placed in front of Pomorie Lake Visitor Centre where main tourist flow in the vicinity of the lake passes. The second board is installed at the sea dike separating Pomorie Lake from the Black Sea where sand dunes within the project site are situated. That is where invasive plant species threatening native halophytic plants and target habitat type 2120 Shifting dunes along the shoreline with Ammophila arenaria.

Text of the boards is bilingual – Bulgarian and Russian – as visitors to Pomorie in summer are dominantly from these two nations.

The boards are created within action D2 of project LIFE 10 NAT/IT/000256 "Environmental management and conservation in Mediterranean saltworks and coastal lagoons".

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