MC SALT project

at Green Balkans 25th anniversary exhibition

Article date: 06-11-2013 / 27-11-2013

In the week 21-17 October, Green Balkans NGO celebrated its 25th anniversary with an exhibition at national library "Ivan Vazov" in Plovdiv. The exhibition presented the history of the organisation by different themes and topics of its work. Conservation program that is being implemented for more than 15 yeasr at Pomorie Lake lagoon was presented with special panel. MC SALT project is featured in the panel as part of the program and was presented during the official ceremony for opening of the exhibition that was organised on Monday, 21 October. MC SALT project banner complemented the Pomorie Lake conservation program panel and introduced to the visitors of the library project goal and objectives.

The library is important culture centre for the city of Plovdiv - second largest city in Bulgaria. More than thousand readers from all ages visit the library every week and it plays special role for the student community in the city where 4 different universities are present.

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