New habitat for water birds at Pomorie Lake

2 new islets and 1 platform were created.

Article date: 23-09-2013 / 23-09-2013

Working on the islet

In the period 31 August-8 September, 2013 within the project LIFE10 NAT/IT/256 MC-SALT “Environmental Management and Conservation in Mediterranean Saltworks and Coastal Lagoons” habitat for water birds was restored at Pomorie Lake during the traditional conservation holiday of Green Balkans NGO.

Volunteers from whole Bulgaria dedicated to nature protection gathered to contribute to protection of rare bird species nesting at Pomorie Lake. They were joined by one volunteer from Minneapolis in the USA. Together with the good spirit the participants demonstrated their willingness to contribute to saving birds at that internationally important site. Within the week two new islets and one platform were created to facilitate nesting of avocets, terns and waders (Charadriiformes).

One volunteer – Georgi Stoychev - has shared his experience as a first-time participant in that long Green Balkans tradition:

“Five years since I have joined Green Balkans as a volunteer I was making plans to join the Pomorie conservation holiday but couldn’t find the time. But this year I have added some persistency … and I made my 8 day adventure at Pomorie Lake.

In the very first day after passing next to the “concrete jungle” of Pomorie we visited Pomorie Lake visitor centre on the coast of the lagoon where I had my first encounter with the salty paradise. This wonderful site is home for breeding birds and stopover along Via Pontica migratory route for many bird species. Many of these are protected like Avocet; Black-winged stilt; Little, Sandwich and Common terns; Kentish and Little ringed plovers; Shelduck, etc. Birds are all around. Pelicans, thousands of white storks, swans and herons were flying over us and even one flamingo has paid us a visit! It was a real pleasure meeting the wildlife of Bulgarian Black sea coast. The enchanting blue of the water surface mixing with the reddish-yellow tinges of the lagoon’s coasts and the sun shimmering over the silver waves among the embankments. Salty-white banks were touching green reed-beds and around one could get the chance to enjoy the flowering in violet Limonium. Dragon flies in any colour one can imagine hover in the air. In the very first day I had the opportunity to witness migration of thousands of storks – incredible moment and terrific experience. I couldn’t take my eyes off the sky for more than an hour!

Now about the conservation holiday: plenty of enthusiasm jokes and of course sweat. This year we had the task to create two islets and one platform to help the nesting of the birds. Every day wooden planks and bars, nails, shells and the notorious Pomorie curative mud. Armed with hammers, spades, sun protection oil and smiles each morning we were going for the “yellow pump station”. So in 7 days as skilful engineers, carpenters and mud-diggers stained with the curative salty mud we managed to achieve the goal of Green Balkans’ Pomorie Lake conservation holiday 2013.

In the evenings we enjoyed the events organized by Pomorie Municipality at the center of the town. That is how my first but definitely not last conservation holiday has passed. Experience I can recommend to anyone who likes sea and nature!”   


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