New home for the Birds of Pomorie Lake

thanks to the MC SALT project

Article date: 25-03-2013 / 25-03-2013

In the period 18-22.03.2013 the experts and volunteers of Green Balkans NGO placed 2 nesting rafts for ducks and 4 nesting boxes for shelducks at Pomorie Lake.

Shelducks are very beautiful waterfowl. They are of the few that do not breed in nests in reeds or trees, and prefer holes in the ground, often those created by other animals - rabbits, badgers and even foxes! Shelducks happily occupy artificial nest boxes, like those produced and placed by Green Balkans’ team. The duck rafts are created specially to imitate the natural "islands" of vegetation in the reedbeds of the lagoon. These aim to provide safe shelter for the water birds from stray dogs and cats of Pomorie and other predators.

The campaign was hampered by bad weather and high winds, but the experienced experts of Green Balkans managed to put the platforms at their places!

The nest boxes and rafts are created within action C4 of project LIFE 10 NAT/IT/000256 "Environmental management and conservation in Mediterranean saltworks and coastal lagoons".

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