Pomorie ex-post monitoring report

Article date: 27-11-2015 / 30-12-2020

Nesting common terns

Ex-post monitoring at project site Pomorie Lake has been completed and report is compiled. The results has shown some interesting figures for the lagoon like higher numbers of water birds in autumn/winter season, rare visitors like Flamingo and new breeding species for the site like Gull-billed tern and Mediterranean gull. The created platforms and islets have been used by Common terns for past two years with crucial role in 2014 breeding season when other breeding habitat success was undermined by human disturbance.

Actions for removal of invasive plant species have brought mixed outputs - for some species like Spartium junceum the mechanical removal has proved successful but for Amorpha fruticosa results were not encouraging and other methods should be sought in the future. Follow up networking during European workshop at Budapest in April, 2016 on invasive alien species removal experience provided further know-how and new techique with local application of herbicide (glyphosat) was used at Pomrie. That proved a successful method as confirmed by ex-post monitoring on-site.

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