Pomorie Sandwich terns in Greece

Two Sandwich terns hatched at Pomorie Lake colony in 2012 were observed in Greece.

Article date: 23-09-2013 / 23-09-2013

Flamingos at Lake Vistonida, Greece

Two Sandwich terns hatched in 2012 at Pomorie Lake colony and ringed on 26 June the same year have been observed on the Southern bank of Lake Vistonida on the Aegean Sea coast next to Porto Lagos village. The terns were marked with orange rings with black codes - CAA and CAD. The latter has been observed twice at Pomorie Lake after leaving the colony. First record was in November 2012 and second on 12 June 2013.

Lake Vistonida is part of East Macedonia and Thrace National Park, Greece. The lagoons of the park are listed as Ramsar site and Natura 2000 site. The site is of importance for Flamingo (Phoenicopterus roseus) and Dalmatian pelican (Pelicanus crispus).

The observation is another piece in the jigsaw of Black Sea Sandwich terns migration to Mediterranean Sea. Monitoring in the past 5 years has revealed intensive links between Black Sea and Mediterranean Sea populations of the Sandwich terns (Sterna sandvicensis). Ringing programs in Italy and Bulgaria have brought tens of recovries in two of the sites of MC SALT project - Po Delta in Italy and Pomorie Lake in Bulgaria.

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