Removal of invasive plants

from sand dunes of Pomorie Lake

Article date: 12-10-2012 / 12-10-2012

The event was implemented within the project LIFE10 NAT/IT/256 MC-SALT Environmental Management and Conservation in Mediterranean Saltworks and Coastal Lagoons. In the action participated volunteers of Green Balkans NGO and students from the Professional secondary school for tourism “Professor Asen Zlatarov”- Plovdiv. Official guest at the event was Mrs. Milena Yarmova, representative of the Regional Inspectorate of Environment and Waters in the town of Burgas.

The dunes of Pomorie Lake are situated within a protected area according to the national law, the European Directives and the Ramsar convention. They are a rare habitat sheltering a number of rare plant species, including such of the Red Data Book of Bulgaria. Due to human activities several invasive species from Asia and North America are now growing on the dunes of Pomorie and on many other places in Bulgaria. The alien plants are very adaptive and aggressive and threaten to suppress the local species. Thus, their timely removal is a priority conservation activity.

The good news is that only for several days, within the event volunteers managed to clear a significant part of the dunes from the invasive plants. The experts from Green Balkans NGO consider that with several additional volunteer campaigns and regular monitoring, the dunes of Pomorie Lake may preserve their natural condition. The next cleaning is planned for the spring of 2013.
Within the campaign the volunteers also constructed several nesting boxes for Shelducks. This bird species is emblematic for Pomorie Lake and the improvement of its habitats is also an activity within project LIFE10 NAT/IT/256 MC-SALT.

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