Restoration of habitat for water birds

Article date: 12-09-2012 / 12-09-2012

In the period 1-8 September, 2012 within the project LIFE10 NAT/IT/256 MC-SALT “Environmental Management and Conservation in Mediterranean Saltworks and Coastal Lagoons” habitat for water birds was restored at Pomorie Lake during the traditional conservation holiday.

During the event volunteers from whole Bulgaria led by their enthusiasm and passion for nature protection gathered to contribute to protection of rare bird species nesting at Pomorie Lake. Together with the good spirit the participants demonstrated their willingness to contribute to saving birds at that internationally important site. Within the week nesting platforms for ducks, nest boxes for shelducks and a new islet for avocets and terns were created. The greatest award for the effort was almost immediate effect seen – on the next day after floating the platforms tens of birds were observed to use them as a resting site.  

Evenings were spent in a good company on the sea shore discussing the achieved results and planning of future activities inspiring new strengths and ideas. The days passed quickly till next year and next conservation holiday in the name of nature conservation!

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