Sandwich tern ranges from delta Po, Italy to Pomorie Lake Bulgaria

Article date: 24-01-2013 / 24-02-2013


During the scientific conference organized to commemorate 50th Anniversary of the Department of Zoology, Biology Faculty of Plovdiv University experts of Green Balkans NGO presented papers on their work in conservation biology.

One of the papers presented research on Sandwich Tern colony at Pomorie Lake. Findings on the relations with other colonies, post-breeding dispersal and migration routes were revealed. Interesting fact is that Sandwich terns banded at Comacchio saltpans in Po Delta, Italy were regularly observed at Pomorie Lake in Bulgaria. Both areas are part of international conservation project co-funded by LIFE+ financial instrument of the EU.

The article “Results from marking of Sandwich Terns (Sterna sandvicensis) with colour rings and radio transmitters at Pomorie Lake” (authors: Dimitar Popov, Doncho Kirov, Pavlin Zhelev) was prepared within project MC SALT “Environmental Management and Conservation in Mediterranean Saltworks and Coastal Lagoons” LIFE10 NAT/IT/256.

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