LIFE Mc-salt contirbution at the National Plan for wetlands conservation in Bulgaria

Networking is a project's action with the objective of creating an exchange of experience between projects LIFE and LIFE, in particular the results of the project so that other managers of protected areas can draw inspiration and / or case studies of management.


 Main implemented activities

Platform meeting, Mediterranean Biogeographical Region, Coastal habitat

The Mc-salt project, besides other two coastal projects, has been presented as case study at the Platform meeting held in Polis Chrysochous, Akamas, Cyprus – 9-10 October 2014.

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Platform meeting, Mediterranean Biogeographical Region, Coastal habitat

The Mc-salt project, besides other two coastal projects, has been illustrated as case study at the Platform meeting held in Thessaloniki, Greeceon 26-28 of May 2014.

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The results of the participation are:

1) Possible insertion of the Gibraltar experience on the Guidelines for Larus michahellis disturbance mitigations;

2) Elaboration of an International LIFE project on Coastal habitat, using the experiences of the Mc-salt project and of the other two case studies presented at the  Platform meeting.

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The project Mc-Salt is not a marine research project, however as results foreseen two outputs: Guidelines for Larus michahellis disturbance mitigation and Management model for Mediterranean salt work, that are defined by the Consortium Stages as "Knowledge Ouput".




Ecologically sustainable enhancement of the saltplans between Italy and Slovenia

 6-8 June 2012

Aigues Mortes (Camargue, Francia) meeting with French partners, explanation of the two project's objectives and  visit to the site.



 Other project/events involving saltworks ECOSAL conference on salt heritage and tourism

 The draft plan for conservation of most important wetlands was discussed in detail during public discussion held on 26.02.2013 at the Ministry of Environment and Water (MOEW). The plan is developed within the project "Life for Burgas Lakes" implemented by BSPB, BBF, Burgas Municipality, Burgas Salt factory and RSPB with the financial support of LIFE+ Programme of the EU. In the document for conservation and management of wetlands of greatest importance in Bulgaria were made constructive changes thanks to suggestions, additions and corrections that were made by the participants in themeeting.
Official written statement was prepared and submitted by the experts of "Green Balkans", based on the extensive experience in the study and preservation of numerous wetlands (Kalimok, Pomorie Lake, Ovcharitsa reservoir, etc..). Updated information on activities in the area of Pomorie Lake, that are performed within the project LIFE10/NAT/IT/256 "Environmental management and restoration of Mediterranean coastal lagoons and saltworks" aiming at removal of invasive plant species and improving nesting and resting sites for breeding and migrating water birds were added.
The final version of the plan, after the relevant corrections are made, will be submitted for approval by the Minister of Environment and Water and will be presented to the Secretariat of the Ramsar Convention. The new document will be in valid until 2022.

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