Environmental Management and Conservation in Mediterranean saltworks and coastal lagoons

Project objectives:
The overall objective of the project is the conservation in a favourable state (“favourable” in terms of the Habitat Directive) of habitats and  birds species inside 10 Natura 2000 sites (all SPA and pSCI various degree of overlapping) located in Italy, France and Bulgaria. The habitats targeted by the conservation actions are: 1150* Coastal lagoon; 1310 Salicornia and other annuals colonizing mud and sand; 1410 Mediterranean salt meadows (Juncetalia maritimi); 1420 Mediterranean halophilous scrubs (Sarcocornetea fruticosi); 1510* Mediterranean salt steppes (Limonietalia); 92D0 Southern riparian galleries and thickets (Nerio-Tamaricetea and Securinegion tinctoriae); 2120 Shifting dunes along the shoreline with Ammophila arenariae.
The bird species targeted are: Aythya nyroca; Charadrius alexandrinus; Charadrius dubius; Cygnus olor; Gelochelidon nilotica; Himantopus himantopus; Larus genei; Larus melanocephalus; Larus ridibundus ; Phoenicopterus roseus ; Podiceps cristatus ; Recurvirostra avosetta; Sterna albifrons; Sterna hirundo; Sterna sandvicensis; Tadorna tadorna. The secondary objectives of the project are: the elaboration of a management model for salt works; the elaboration of Guidelines for Larus michahellis disturbance mitigation; the improvement of the touristic fruition and the reduction of potential disturbance induced; the elaboration and approval of the management plan for the Cervia site.

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