Environmental Management and Conservation in Mediterranean saltworks and coastal lagoons

The expected results are the restoration and conservation of  about 14000 hectares of habitat 1150* Coastal lagoon, of which about 7600 in Aigues-Mortes site, 5000 in Camargue site, 750 in Cervia site and 600 in Molentargius site. Plus the conservation, including fire prevention and invasive plant removal, of a large extent of habitats 1310 Salicornia and other annuals colonizing mud and sand; 1410 Mediterranean salted meadows; 1420 Mediterranean halophilous scrubs (Sarcocornetea fruticosi); 1510* Mediterranean salt steppes (Limonietalia); 92D0 Southern riparian galleries and thickets (Nerio-Tamaricetea and Securinegion tinctoriae); 2120 Shifting dunes along the shoreline with Ammophila arenariae.

Considering the bird species targeted the expected results in Camargue are the construction of a new breeding site for Phoenicopterus roseus and new breeding islets for Recurvirostra avosetta, Sterna hirundo, Sterna sandvicensis, Sterna nilotica and Larus genei in Camargue site. The population of these species are expected to recover to the population sizes recorded during the 1980’s- early 2000’s period in “Ancien salins de Beauduc”. In Aigues-Mortes is expected the restoration of suitable breeding condition, including mitigation of Larus michahellis disturbance, in about 1500 hectares, plus the burial of 3.5 Km of aerial electrical lines which are a deadly threat for Phoenicopterus roseus. In Cervia site will be constructed 0,2 ha of new islets for the breeding of Sterna hirundo, Himantopus himantopus, Recurvirostra avosetta,  Sterna albifrons and protected from Larus michahellis disturbance.

June 2015

Common tern (Sterna hirundo) breeding on an islet with an exclosure net at Cervia saltwork, Italy. Video provided by Lorenzo Serra, ISPRA.

In Molentargius site will be constructed 0,5 ha of new islets for the breeding of Larus genei, Gelochelidon nilotica, Sterna hirundo, Sterna albifrons, Himantopus himantopus, Recurvirostra avosetta, and Tadorna tadorna.

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