First workshop of the project

5- 6 December 2011, Cagliari, Italy

First project's workshop link to the Parco Molentargius' website

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October 21st 2011, press conference Cervia Italy

Action D4

Local Communication at Parc naturel régional de Camargue

Action E5

Ex-post monitoring and evaluation of created birds nesting sites and removal do invasive plant species at Pomorie Lake

Action D3

Environmental education and infrastructure for monitoring and fruition

The "Le Saline del Delta" educational kit consists of an educational notebook and a visiting notebook.

Action A2

Executive projects of the hydraulic circulation works and consolidation for Torre Rossa. Cervia site Management Plan

Action D9 - Workshops

5- 6 December 2011, Cagliari, Italia

First project's workshop link to the Parco Molentargius' website

15-18 April 2013, Pomorie, Bulgaria

Second project's workshop

19-21 May 2014,Camargue, France

Third project's workshop

11-13 May 2015, Comacchio, Italia

Fourth project's workshop

Action D7

Communication and valorisation actions of the specific Life Salt marshes Program in the Aigues-Mortes salt marsh

Action A1

Elaboration of the Project's Operational Programme and subscription of convention among partners

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Action A3

Cervia salt work ex ante monitoring

Action A4

Executive project of the hydraulic and naturalistic works and permission phase in the Molentargius

Action A6

Camargue, modelling and executive projects for: hydraulic restoration, habitats restoration, construction and fencing of breeding islets

Action A7

Ex-ante monitoring of invasive plant species and nesting Waterbirds, executive projects for improvement of nesting conditions and for the removal of invasive plant species in Pomorie Lake.

Action A8

Executive projects for hydraulic restoration, burying of electric cables, for restoration of nesting islets and installation of bird hides in Aigues-Mortes saltmarsh

Action D5

Installation of bird hides and notice board at the Aigues-Mortes saltmarsh

Action E2

Cervia salt work ex-post monitoring

Action E3

Monitoring ex-post abiotic and biotic characteristics at the Molentargius

Action E4

Camargue: ex-post monitoring on EU habitats, colonial breeding waterbirds, submerged macrophytes, fishes and aquatic invertebrates

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Final Report short version

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