MC SALT presented at European workshop

on invasive alien plant species

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presenting MC SALT

Invasive alien species are one of the major threats to Europe’s biodiversity. Tackling the problem of IAS has been and remains a huge challenge for nature conservation sector and protected area management bodies. In order to support these efforts, the Duna-Ipoly National Park Directorate and WWF Hungary have organised within the project LIFE10NAT/HU/000020 HUTURJAN LIFE+ an international workshop on best practices in invasive plant management at Natura 2000 sites and protected areas. The workshop was held in the period 19-21.04.2016 at Budapest, Hungary with participation of more than 70 experts from all across Europe.

MC SALT project activities for eradication of invasive plant species Amorpha fruticosa and Spartium junceum at SCI Pomorie have been presented by project coordinator of Green Balkans NGO. The follow up discussion has emphasized the need of long-term efforts in eradication of these persistent species.

Examples of efforts for removal and control of invasive plant species at similar habitats were presented from Holland, Belgium and Romania. Different methods and means used in management and control of IAS, effectiveness and required costs have been presented and discussed. Update by experts from EC and ERC was made on EU level legislation and measures. The workshop has presented best practice in IAS removal that was very useful for further efforts to complete eradication of IAS at Pomorie SCI.

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