Rare birds nest at Pomorie Lake

after many years of absence

Article date: 29-07-2015 / 30-07-2015

Gull-billed tern

During the regular monitoring and mapping of breeding birds at Pomorie Lake, the Green Balkans NGO experts have discovered interesting facts about the nesting avifauna.

4 species that were not recorded as breeding in the past 30 years at the lagoon were found to nest successfully at Pomorie Lake. These include 35 pairs of Gull-billed terns (Sterna nilotica), 22 pairs of Mediterranean gulls (Larus melanocephalus), 20 pairs of Collared pratincoles (Glareola pratincola) and 3 pairs of Slender-billed gulls (Larus genei). Along these the breeding season was successful for species traditionally breeding at the site. This year the number of nesting pairs are as follows: more than 2500 pairs of Sandwich tern (Sterna sandvicensis), 125 pairs of Avocet (Recurvirostra avosetta), 118 pairs of Common tern (Sterna hirundo) and more than 20 pairs of Little tern (Sterna albifrons).

Other interesting species not typical for the season included more than 100 Pygmy cormorants (Phalacrocorax pygmeus), Oystercacthers (Haematopus ostralegus) and White pelicans (Pelecanus onocrotalus)

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